James Foy


Foy has been a CEO of public and private companies for more than 20 years and before that founded a successful technology company with a successful exit. He has been engaged in numerous acquisitions and a divestitures all of which were successful. He has been on various private and public boards for more than a decade. He has extensive experience living and working in several parts of the world. While his background was originally software engineering he has spent the last 25+ years in general management. He is an accomplished executive with a wealth of operational and strategic experience and has given a great deal of time and thought to evolving and developing his management philosophy.

He has a good understanding of operating systems, communications technology, database and applications. He remains reasonably current on emerging technologies and have been responsible for innovations in design automation, database and data warehousing technology and has been associated with various standards initiatives at board level with X/Open and Unix International.

Early in his career he made the very deliberate decision to focus on task, process and people management because team, project and corporate productivity rests almost entirely with management and that generally this an area that is not well handled. Throughout his career he has managed larger and larger and geographically dispersed teams throughout the world, first focused on engineering and then other functions.