Billing Cycles

Patient-first, automated billing cycles

Boost collection speeds, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiency by reaching patients on their preferred communication channel at the right time.

Automated Billing Cycles

Inbox Health’s billing cycles are automated, dynamic, and intelligent. Boost collection speeds, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiency by reaching patients on their preferred communication channel at the right time with the right message.

No more manual statement reviews or time spent preparing batch billing.

Increase collection speeds by reaching patients on the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. Inbox Health’s data-based billing cycles adapt and automate follow-up communication based on how patients interact with previous paper, text, or email messages.

Communicate on modern channels at the right time.

Timing is critical when it comes to post-visit financial patient engagement – the sooner statements are received, the faster balances are paid. Statements are triggered to send through patients’ preferred communication channel immediately after the claim is processed by insurance.

Optimize your billing team’s time.

Automated follow-up communications allow your billing team to focus on patient care and complex insurance claims instead of spending time on the phone tracking down unpaid balances.

How it works:

Send statements via email, text, mail, or a combination of all three. Here is an example of a billing cycle starting with each communication channel:

Patient 1
Email Track
Patient 2
Text Track*
Patient 3
Paper Track **

Real results in the first 30 days:**

  • 88 %

    increase in collection speeds

  • 97 %

    adoption rate of digital payments and communication increase in collection speeds in the first 60 pays

  • 47 %

    reduction in time spent managing patient A/R, resulting in lower adminstrative costs

*results may very based on medical specialty and demographics

Patient billing is personal. Let our recommended billing cycle get to work, or customize communications to meet your patients’ needs

Offer payment plans

At any point in the patient billing cycle, you have the option to offer a payment plan. Billing teams also have the ability to set parameters around payment plans, determining who is eligible, when it is offered in the billing cycle, and over what period of time until the bill must be paid in full.

For example, a billing team can offer a payment plan to a patient if the total balance is over $500, after he received two bills and logged into the system to view their balance, and set the outstanding balance to be paid within six months. An alternative example is billing teams can offer payment plans to all patients after their second bill.

Flag actions for review

Select criteria to flag a patient for review before a billing cycle begins. This is commonly used for specific insurance payers (Medicare/Medicaid), high balances, account types, service codes, and payment reason codes.

Customize your message

Inbox Health provides recommendations for your email, text, and paper messaging, but you also have the ability to edit as you see fit, down to the body copy, subject line, or emojis. You can even preview messages before you press send, so you’ll know exactly how messages appear to patients.

Turn on automatic payments

Allow patients to opt in to automatic payments by including the option in the initial email, text, or paper bill.

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