Centralize patient A/R management

Inbox Health seamlessly integrates with the most popular practice management systems, so you can efficiently manage all of your patient A/R in one place.

Better billing, with Inbox Health

Benefits of our integration with your practice management systems:

Manage all of your patient 
A/R from one place

Inbox Health is your hub to manage patient A/R from multiple practice management systems, so your billing team operates efficiently and always has a holistic view of patient billing performance.

Save time by streamlining your workflow

Patient payments automatically post to your practice management systems through an API integration, eliminating tedious tasks from your billing team’s day.

Get paid faster with automated patient billing 
and payment posting

Patient statements are automatically sent via email, text, or paper mail, and payments are updated in real time, so providers get paid with no delay.

 2,000 healthcare practices and over 2 million patients trust Inbox Health. Here’s why:

Access real-time data

The most relevant, up-to-date information is always at your fingertips. With an API that communicates with multiple practice management systems at once, patient payments are posted into your systems in real time, so you can be confident your data and revenue streams are always up to date.

White glove service and ongoing support from Inbox Health’s team

Onboard your practices and enterprises within 30 days. Every step of the way, you’ll have access to support from our dedicated team of specialists.

Configure new practices easily

Enterprise create and update endpoints allow you to customize the onboarding process for multiple entities, including hospitals, medical practices, therapy groups, or any medical organization.

Integrate with multiple practice management systems, business intelligence systems, or accounting platform

Use Inbox Health’s API to synchronize data from Inbox Health with your current systems. For example, when demographics are updated in Inbox Health, the information automatically syncs in your practice management systems and vice versa.

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