Get paid faster with smart patient statements

70% of patients are confused by their medical bills. Patient friendly statements make it easy to pay providers. By removing barriers to payment with transparent statements, you build trust with your patients and provide a superior experience while increasing collections and reducing phone call volume. 

Clear, concise digital and paper patient statements eliminate confusion around medical bills and empower patient to pay faster


Increase patient collections with clear and concise statements

Inbox Health’s digital and paper patient statements clearly show the cost of service, what insurance paid, and what the patient owes.


Customize attributes to fit your workflow

Statements are branded for each practice with the ability to customize payment descriptions, messages from the billing team, and payment options.


Offer convenient access to patient support

Make it easy for patients to get answers to questions and resolve issues quickly by providing access to support directly through the patient statement.

Patient Statements

Get paid faster with Inbox Health's smart patient statements. Patient friendly statements make it easy to understand medical bills and pay for care.

How it Works

Patients receive statements via their preferred communication digital channel

Patient friendly statements arrive via email, text, or paper mail. Digital statements are accessed using patient’s birthdate – no complicated password required.

Statements are simplified to break down cost of service, insurance coverage, and payment due

Encourage timely balance resolution with billing statements that are easy to understand. Whether paper or electronic, each statement offers a brief explanation of charges and applied payments.

If patients have questions, they have access to digital support tools

Swift response and resolution improve collection speeds and reduce the amount of time your billing team spends on the phone managing patient inquiries. Patients can access digital support via text, email or live chat — through a link in the digital portal or via a QR code on paper statements.

Anatomy of a patient statement with Inbox Health, fully customizable for your billing team’s needs:

  • Practice logo
    Help patients understand who the bill is from
  • Contact email and support number
    Field all patient inquiries in one place
  • Optional description of payment and instructional message
    Provide additional clarity around amount owed and how to pay
  • Credit cards accepted
    Logos clearly visible on each statement
  • Dedicated phone number
    Allow patients to pay via IVR, so your billing team saves hours daily
  • Simple instruction to pay by mail
    Make it easy for patients to complete payment
  • Options to include additional providers or referring providers
    Give patients clarity on the services provided
  • QR Code makes it easy to pay online
    The statement also includes a dedicated phone number to pay via IVR and instructions on how to pay by mail
  • Chart ID is prominently displayed
    For easy reference in your practice management (PM) system

Smart patient statements track deliverability and patient activity


Intelligent paper statements

Track the dates bills are delivered and identify invalid mailing addresses by notifying billing teams with return-to-sender reports.


Text and email statements track deliverability and patient activity

Know when statements are opened, viewed, and clicked, giving billing teams valuable background information when following up with a patient for payment.

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