Patient Billing Support

Fast, empathetic patient support

Inbox Health’s answers the most common patient billing inquiries, so you have more time in your day to focus on other revenue-driving tasks, patient care, and complex insurance claims.

Provide enhanced patient support while spending less time on billing-related inquiries


Offer support the way your patients want it

Patients get their questions answered through their preferred communication channel - live chat, text, email, or phone call.


Respond quickly to patient inquiries

Inbox Health's bilingual support team (English and Spanish) responds to patient inquiries promptly.


Reclaim time in your day

Rest easy knowing insurance-related patient inquiries are in good hands, and focus your time on patient care, revenue-driving tasks, or complex insurance claims.

Patient Billing Support

Inbox Health offers fast, empathetic patient billing support via email, text, live chat, and phone, allowing your billing team to increase collections, streamline workflows, and improve patient satisfaction.

How it works

Inbox Health provides bilingual phone and digital support services

When patients have questions about their medical bills, Inbox Health’s has you covered. Each practice receives a dedicated phone number, which is prominently displayed on statements. Patients can also contact support via email at or by responding to any email or text message notification.

Average response times with Inbox Health Support

9am – 8pm EST | English and Spanish

  • icon_live-chat

    Live chat

    Answer rate: 100% 

    Response time: 30 seconds for 90% of inquiries

  • icon_text


    Answer rate: 100% 

    Response time: Less than 1 minute

  • icon_email


    Answer rate: 100% 

    Response time: 4-6 hours 

  • icon_phone


    Answer rate: 90% 

    Response time: Less than one minute

    Voicemails: Returned within 24 hours

Common questions Inbox Health’s patient billing support services answer:

  • What is this bill for?
  • Does this balance apply to my deductible, coinsurance, or copayment?
  • Did you apply this balance against my secondary insurance?
  • Why didn’t my insurance carrier cover the charges?
  • Can I enroll in a payment plan?

We also resolved common patient disputes, including:

  • I've already paid my bill.
  • My provider agreed not to charge me.
  • I never received these services.

If Inbox Health’s patient billing support team does not have the resources to answer an inquiry, one of our representatives forwards the inquiry to the biller’s operational team in an effort to provide a timely response for the patient.

This is done through a ticketing system directly in Inbox Health’s platform – the ticket is assigned to the biller, who receives a notification. Once the biller responds, Inbox Health follows up with the patient. Examples of information we do not have access to are to the patient’s diagnosis and explanation of benefits.

"[Support] was helpful, informative, compassionate, and took my best interest into account."

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