Inbox Health for Developers

Build a truly connected patient billing experience

Inbox Health integrates with third-party applications using an API, allowing you to customize the user experience seamlessly, drive greater efficiency in your operations, and improve connectivity and collaboration with your enterprises.

inbox health for developers

Benefits of Inbox Health’s API:


Access real-time data

The most relevant, up-to-date information is always at your fingertips. With an API, patient payments are posted into your systems in real time, so you can be confident your data and revenue streams are always up to date.


Integrate with your practice management system(s), business intelligence system(s), or accounting platform

Use Inbox Health’s API to synchronize data from Inbox Health with your current systems. For example, when demographics are updated in Inbox Health, the information automatically syncs in your practice management system and vice versa.

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Onboard and configure new practices easily

Enterprise create and update endpoints allow you to customize the onboarding process for multiple entities, including hospitals, medical practices, therapy groups, or any medical organization.


Subscribe to webhooks to send and receive secure notifications

Subscribe to REST API webhooks to receive dynamic updates from Inbox Health. API clients are immediately informed of changes to relevant records in Inbox Health. Whether the change originates from a patient, provider, administrator, or automated system, these webhooks are triggered and immediately provide feedback.


Manage patient balances seamlessly

Bill patient balances instantly after a claim is adjudicated by insurance by hitting endpoints to create or update patient demographic and balance information.


Customize billing cycles and patient communications

Use our API to set rules that control how often and over what channel (email, text, automated phone call) you communicate with patients.

"The platform is easy to navigate, payments are easy to take, and the fact that Inbox Health integrates with our PM system makes our process seamless. Inbox Health saves us so many steps and has allowed us to automate our entire patient billing process.”
Cherie, Relationship Manager

Professional Billing Management Solutions