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We want to fix a broken system at its source

Blake Walker and Simon Kaluza co-founded Inbox Health after experiencing the challenges of the United States billing system on a personal level.

"Providers were frustrated and disappointed. They were essentially lending patients money by providing a service and then not collecting a single dollar back.”
blake walker
Blake Walker, Co-Founder & CEO

Inbox Health

Blake Walker got his introduction to healthcare payments while working in patient financing. He discovered a chronic issue with patient accounts receivable that both providers and patients were facing. Confusing statements loaded with clinical codes and jargon, coupled with sporadic and impersonal communication from physicians was creating a vacuum within which many patients weren’t paying their healthcare bills.

"While we primarily speak to billers, Inbox Health in many ways is really built to support, inform and empower the patient.”
Simon Kaluza, Co-Founder & CTO

Inbox Health

Simon Kaluza is a software engineer focused on back-end insurance processing. It didn’t take long before he realized the majority of the industry; and the tools healthcare billers used every single day, focused on getting insurance claims processed correctly, but lacked empathetic and refined patient experiences. While caring for an immediate family member with a terminal illness, Simon experienced this firsthand. The sheer expense, combined with the difficulty and challenge of navigating opague, incomprehensible and sometimes incorrect medical bills was crushing.

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