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Inbox Health releases new integrated product, Mailbox, to digitally manage patient mail

September 15, 2020

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Today, Inbox Health, the patient communication platform for medical billers, released a new integrated product, Mailbox, which allows billing companies and practices to digitize patient mail while automating the deposit and posting of check payments. This product helps practices get paid faster and eliminates overhead around physically handling paper checks and other mailed correspondence.

To date, traditional lockbox solutions have not met the needs of billing companies and small practices. They are too expensive and don’t fully integrate with existing revenue cycle management systems the practices use. With Mailbox, Inbox Health has created the first truly seamless solution for patient mail and a pricing structure that makes sense for practices of all sizes. Combined with Inbox Health’s market leading patient engagement suite, billing companies and practices of all sizes can now streamline all patient communication through a single platform, creating stronger financial results, and an improved patient experience.

“There has never been a better time for billers to rethink how they handle patient mail. While practices are struggling to navigate COVID-19, finding ways to limit physical interactions with mail, and streamline operations are critical,” said Blake Walker, co-founder and CEO at Inbox Health. “But more importantly, a large portion of healthcare communication still happens through snail mail, it’s been a priority for the team at Inbox Health since day 1 to make it as easy for billing companies and practices to handle physical check payments, as we were able to make it for them to handle digital payments.”

Mike Sheridan, CRO at Inbox Health, has worked with hundreds of billers and shares his observation on Mailbox: “Paper checks have always been difficult to manage as a biller. They have used lockbox solutions in the past, but still rely on their teams to post payments and manage deposit reconciliation. With Mailbox, the entire process is seamless end-to-end. Digital payments and check payments from patients are now both completely streamlined, helping billers reduce costs and improve clients satisfaction.”

About Inbox Health

Inbox Health is transforming medical billing one patient at a time with personalized and intelligent interactions that deliver a clear and convenient billing experience for every patient. The company launched its operating system for billers in 2018, since then, Inbox Health has quickly become the industry standard for medical billers and practices that want to increase collections and shorten revenue cycles while reducing administrative costs. Inbox Health is a venture backed software company supporting billers across the United States. The Inbox Health platform automates the patient communication process using bi-directional correspondence, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence so every patient understands their medical bills and has access to different payment mechanisms, and medical billers and providers achieve optimal patient receivables. Learn more at

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